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Allergy Assessment Quiz

Do you have frequent or intense episodes of:
Nasal mucus due to allergies is thin and watery, at least at first.
Sniffling is common in “hay fever” and related conditions.
Yes No
Allergens cause the release of histamine and other “chemical mediators” which provoke sneezing along with a number of other symptoms.
Yes No
Runny Nose?
Mucus glands in the nose and sinuses (and in the lungs) increase their secretions in response to allergen exposure.
Yes No
Stuffy nose?
Histamine and other “chemical mediators” cause dilatation of blood vessels, perceived as “congestion” or stuffiness. Externally, the blood vessel dilatation results in redness.
Yes No
Itchy Nose?
“Chemical mediators” released in allergic reactions make blood vessels “leaky.” Blood factors that are foreign to surrounding tissues ooze into them, causing itchiness.
Yes No
Drainage in Throat?
Secretions originating in the sinuses typically drain into the throat. Associated symptoms can include hoarseness and a sensation of a lump in the throat.
Yes No
Difficulty Breathing?
During a flare-up of asthma, it is more difficult to get air out of the lungs than into them. But patients usually cannot distinguish the difference–for them it’s just hard to breathe.
Yes No
A common symptom of asthma, coughing during the night can be the only symptom of early asthma, particularly in a child. Sinusitis can also be responsible for chronic cough.
Yes No
A whistling noise characteristic of asthma, indicating obstruction of air movement in lungs. Causes include constriction and edema of bronchioles and thick secretions lodged within them.
Yes No
Watery Eyes?
Results from the release of histamine and other “chemical messengers” of allergy. Can be helpful in that it serves as a protective mechanism to flush the eyes of airborne allergens.
Yes No
Itchy Eyes?
Responsible mechanism same as citing above under Itchy Nose. Rubbing the eyes with dirty hands is an insidious cause of infection of the delicate tissues of the eyes.
Yes No
Bloodshot Eyes?
Cosmetically disturbing visible evidence of dilatation of blood vessels citing above under Stuffy Nose.
Yes No
Puffy Eyes?
Swelling of the eyelids and the easily distended tissue beneath the eyes results from fluid entering them as one consequence of leaky blood vessels citing above under Itchy Nose.
Yes No
Headaches, facial pain, and pain perceived in the upper teeth are common symptoms of sinusitis. Contrary to common opinion, pain is not always present in sinusitis, especially if it is chronic.
Yes No
Facial Pain?
Can be caused by abnormal pressure in sinuses due to obstruction of the normal communication between the sinuses and the nose, and from swelling and infection within the sinuses.
Yes No
Ear Popping?
A common symptom of Eustachian Tube Dysfunction, a frequently overlooked condition resulting from intermittent swelling of passageways between the throat and the middle ear.
Yes No
Ear Fullness?
A sensation of fullness or stuffiness of the ears, often exacerbated by changes in altitude, can be due to inability to satisfactorily “clear” the ears in Eustachian Tube Dysfunction.
Yes No
Itchy Ear Canals?
Caused by same mechanism citing above under Itchy Nose. Some allergy sufferers find itching of ear canals and area between the shoulder blades to be their most frustrating symptoms.
Yes No
Itchy Palate?
Cause citing under Itchy Nose. A hard place to scratch in company or without gagging. Patients are sometimes heard clicking their tongue against their palate in an attempt to find relief.
Yes No
Localized swelling, redness, and itching caused by allergies and many other factors. If the swelling goes inward instead of toward the skin surface, the resultant condition is called “angioedema.”
Yes No

Count up your number of “yes” answers to see what your allergy probability is:

0-3: Allergies possible but not likely.
If medications help, you probably have allergies. You may not need additional treatment.

4-9: Allergies likely.
Medications would probably help, but you may need additional treatment.

10-14: Allergies very probable.
You probably need comprehensive treatment to be comfortable and prevent worsening of your condition.

15-20: Allergies almost certain.
You are probably in danger of experiencing complications of allergy and possibly asthma, and should be on appropriate treatment.

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