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NNAC is excited to offer a new way to communicate with us online. The Patient Portal is a secure, web-based system that allows real time access to certain elements of your medical record including:

Most recent clinical summary which includes, your medications, allergies, care plan and test results.

Ask the nurses or receptionists a question.

Add or update your personal information.

Review existing appointments and statements.

This two-way messaging allows you to contact our office electronically, and also allows our office staff to communicate with you. There is no obligation to use this new system and we still remain available to you by phone during office hours. Using the portal will allow you to communicate with us at your convenience, 24/7, from any internet device. We will be activating certain portions of the portal at different times, so not all messaging may be available for immediate use. We do, however, recommend that you register as soon as you receive your invitation so that once all capabilities are activated, you will be able to use them immediately.

*Please note that this service is for non-urgent communication only*

When you connect to the portal, you are NOT connecting to our actual office computer system, but a secure web site hosted elsewhere. Only the limited information you see is stored on the portal, the actual records are maintained in our office.

In order to use the Patient Portal, you must first obtain a username and password. Our receptionists will be sending out an invitation via email for you to register for the portal. Please check with the front desk to make sure that we have a current email address on file. All instructions for your registration will be provided in the email as well as throughout registration process. If you are the guardian for a patient who is a minor, you will be given the same instructions. Once your child turns 18 years old, we will inactivate portal access under the parent and activate only upon instruction from the patient.

You will need to have a permanent email address that you check regularly. Private health information will not be sent to your email; instead the email will alert you that you have a new message posted on the patient portal. We want to keep your health information secure and confidential. Therefore, the system will lock you out with 3 failed attempts to enter the portal. Call our office to unlock your portal account.

Important Information About the Patient Portal:

Use is for non-emergency communication and requests.

The Portal is used for communication between appointments. The Portal does not replace your scheduled appointments.

The Portal is not checked on the weekends. It is only checked during regular business hours.

We will not send any private health information to your e-mail.

Documents and forms cannot be attached to the Portal messages.

Frequently Asked Questions

Patient information

You can print and fill out our new patient form and medical record release form prior to your visit.

The Patient Portal is a secure, web-based system that allows real time access to certain elements of your medical record.

We have two offices, one in Reno and Carson City, to better serve our patients in Northern Nevada.

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